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For over 30 years, our stocktaking team has been delivering results to licensed premises across the UK.  


This level of experience enables the team to bring a whole host of examples of good practice, cost savings, recommended suppliers and so on.  


Schedule Your Stocktakes to Reduce Impact on Business Operations
Where possible we will try to find a time that works for you and your staff that won’t hurt your bottom line or create unnecessary distractions. A lengthy stocktake is best taken during a quiet trading period or outside of normal business operations.


Clean and Organise Your Stockroom Before Your Stocktake
To minimise disruption, it is generally helpful to ensure that you have a clean and well-organised cellar as this will make it easy to find and count your stock to reduce the possibility of miscounting.


Up-To-Date Stock Data
The goal of a complete stocktake is to get an accurate count of the inventory you actually have so that you can compare it with your existing inventory data.


So be sure to advise the stocktakers of any price changes.  Have copies of purchase invoices and receipts to hand. Point out any less obvious storage areas to include in the count.


Your stocktaking process should aim to deliver as close to 100% accurate readings as possible, which means he team will record any discrepancies between the counts listed on your stock system and the number of items counted, as well as any mislabeled/packaged boxes for quality control.


Develop Ways to Decrease Stolen, Broken or Slow-Selling Inventory

During your stocktaking process, you may find that items you thought were in your warehouse were actually missing, and that some items that have been damaged or spoiled were never reported.

You might also notice that some items are simply not selling.

With this data in hand, our stocktakers can give support to find ways to increase security measures to protect against thieves, curb reckless behavior and implement new strategies for selling more stock.


Continually Improve Your Stocktaking Process.

Our stocktakers will suggest improvements, ways to develop new procedures for a more effective workflow, and recommend ways to decrease your stock to manageable levels that reduce waste.





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